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July 2019
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Net Cost

I think it’s safe to promise that most, if not all of these updates will be written in airports. I’m in LAX currently, sitting at Southwest gate 17B, a full hour before flight departure, like a senior citizen. I have zero faith in this airport’s novel strategies for getting people onto planes, especially with the […]

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The Shape Of Punk To Come

I almost have the nerve to write completely openly, publicly here. I really don’t fear judgment or cross examination, and I feel no significant amount of shame for any of my inner thoughts or desires. I don’t really care if co-workers stumble upon petty workplace frustrations laid bare, or if one crush finds out about […]

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Icarus, With Guns

I should write more, I’ve been thinking. I used to keep an online journal, and the adventures I chronicled there are remembered a little more vividly than the ones that blew past introspection and review. It isn’t a new year’s resolution, or anything. For all I know, I will abandon this attempt at a reboot […]

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The Blue Line

I don’t drive. It shocks people here in Los Angeles, but I grew up taking trains and cabs in Philadelphia, and by the time I could afford my own vehicle, I had gotten the hang of the LA Metro system enough to prefer it over ever having to find parking, stop drinking, buy insurance, pay a […]

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